The development of Online Communities or MROCs is a relatively recent innovation in Market Research- shifting the research paradigm from simply “asking questions” to active community listening to uncover insights. The goal is to replicate the engagement generated on social media platforms, but with more structure and better data gathering tools used to analyse data.

Benefits of Online Communities:

1. Longitudinal Topic/ Experience Exploration: More depth and nuance can be achieved with complex topics or long-term purchase decisionmaking.
2. On-Demand and In-the-Moment Feedback: Via mobile, community members can respond to quick polls, and provide feedback during a process of experience.
3. Access to Quantitative, Qualitative, and Collaborative Tools: Easily develop hybrid methodologies to add more depth and context to quantitative data, and where helpful, allow members to lead the conversation

What We Can Do:

1. Panel recruitment with the speed of Online, and the reach of Offline
2. Higher engagement, better retention rate
3. One platform to launch surveys and campaigns; message, track, and reward community members

Why Work With Us:

1. If you’re migrating an offline community to online, or you want to increase engagement from an existing one – we can help!
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