On June 6, 2024, in Pasig City, Insightspedia, the Philippines' leading online panel provider, announced the launch of Pinasurvey, a groundbreaking new tool that will revolutionize how political campaigns understand and engage with voters in the upcoming 2024 elections. Click the link below to see the full report.

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PMA Marketing Trends and Outlook 2024

We are excited to announce the release of the 'PMA Marketing Trends and Outlook 2024' survey report. Insightspedia played a key role in gathering and analyzing member insights on topics such as the optimistic brand investment outlook, the expected rise in AI spending, and the increasing recognition of sustainability marketing's ROI potential. Click here to see the report: https://bit.ly/PMAMarketing

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Did you know that the Filipino Fastfood consumer was at their most adventurous during the pandemic? Generally, people were just more open to trying out new things- this means new food types, i.e. never tried before, not necessarily new on the menu, new brands, new dining formats (hence, the boom in food delivery platforms!). For Legacy brands, this means an opportunity to launch new meals on the menu. For start-up brands, this is an opportunity to Wow your consumers, be included in the repertoire after the first trial. And whilst Delivery format will be the norm in the foreseeable future, this could be an opportunity for brands to evaluate their dine-in safety protocols, and maybe just improve the whole dining experience, long term.

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Very excited to announce, the results of our 2nd #PinasSurvey was presented to the media by Dr. Antonio Contreras yesterday, September 29th. Click here to view his presentation deck: https://lnkd.in/gaVPv9AW The team at Insightspedia collaborated with #Digivoice because there was a clear opportunity to differentiate ourselves, i.e. to showcase how online surveys are faster, less costly, and with no downsides to representativeness or quality vs. traditional face-to-face. If you want to know more how our #voterspanel works, please reach out to us on support@insightspedia.com!

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